Love Is a Garden - lyrics



When you wake up in the morning do you ever say thank you to God?
It’s easy to be worried, but it feels way better when you are not
Think about the way that the sun comes into your heart—
it brightens up the window and it brightens up some of your thoughts

We don’t have to be sure of everything to give thanks
just to notice a kindness as we go on our way
We all know the pain of living every day
but watch the world change colors when we give thanks

Who’s that causing all the drama in your life
it may be your best friend, your mom, or even your wife,
but think for a minute how it would be if they were gone
and drop what you’re doing a call them up on the phone

Think of all the ways that you could’ve died in your sleep—
a meteor tsunami or that sugar that I slipped in your tea—
but look at who woke up and made it to a brand new day
and give up your worrying and join me when I say


Skin is your tie to me
a sweet little go between
connecting the things I keep
to the hidden in you
darker or lighter we
all crave that simple heat
the love and the mystery
of the one from the two

Why’s it so hard to see
our skin makes family
and that’s a good thing baby
we’re meant to make our love grow

Skin is a ghost machine
a loved and a hated thing
but worn by the poor and king
who draw lines with their clothes,
but your skin can preach to me
your skin calls mine to sing
a song not for whispering—
I would hear every note

Why’s it so hard to see
each shade of majesty—
you’re looking good my brother
We’re meant to make this love grow
Why’s it so hard to see
all that you mean to me
for who you are my sister
We’re meant to make this love grow

Skin is your tie to me
a curse from Adam and Eve
but far from the garden we
still find blood at the root

HOLD ME (January Drifts)

Please don’t ask how I’m doing
when you see me look away
I’ve got a lot on my mind, babe,
and I’m not mad at you anyway

Just need you to hold me
Hold me

It’s piling up by the road side
and climbing the eves of my house,
it comes like drifts in wintertime
and I’m feeling ready to move further south

Hold me like the sun will warm the ice and break,
hold me just like that
hold me just like that

And you can ask me tomorrow—
tomorrow is another day
I don’t know how much sense I’m making
but I’ve got nothing left to say


When the cords we bound together
are starting to decay
when the words “always” “forever”
are starting to bend and fray
when the cold comes between us
more and more each day
They say enough—
whatcha say, what?

What have we come to
if love is a feeling
and I don’t feel it?
You and I both know
that love’s worth fighting for
and I’ll fight for you

And people will try to convince you
of things that you want to hear
like “You’ve got every right to be happy—
you’ve got to do what you feel”
but love is a garden
and it takes two to tend it
day by day, baby we can mend it
But they say enough—
whatcha say what?

Love is humble


Honey I don’t know if it’s gonna take,
but love, we’ll try, we’ll give it our all
Sometimes we can’t catch a break,
and love’s just spent beyond recall

How long will you treat me like I’m nothing?
How long will you hide your face?
How long can a man go on forgotten
carry my sorrows day by day?

Dig my heart out seeking gold,
my hammer raised in a crescent arc
I don’t know how much these shafts can hold—
the mine trembles, bones in the dark

How long do we have to count our losses
How long will you hide your face
How long can I wrestle with these thoughts and
carry my sorrows day by day?
How long will we have to bear our crosses
How long will you hide your face
How long till you meet me in the darkness
Carry my sorrows day by day



Sandstone and burnout
time takes everything
paths overgrowing
from autumn to spring

and the things I remember
the things I forget
like the shape of your body
when we laid down to rest

Soft-sodden wilds
retracing our steps
the house and the heather
where the birds make their nest

and the things I have hidden
and covered with stones
the warmth of your eyes and
the length of your bones

I’ll give you all that I have,
oh all that I have


Warm under a blanket next to you
with no moonshine showing through
those purple curtains that you made
Summer is here
those witless plants are needing shade
but up the trellises they’re climbing
we’ll eat the fruit that they made

And I want you to know
that I — I’m climbing up next to you


Carry along my little one
the summer is fine and you grow
Love the paths you run with your friends
the fruit of the vine hanging low

God, where's the path I walked
you've hidden from his feet
The song of a boy in innocence
is incomplete

Carry on my little one
sicknesses come and they go
I'll find the path I've heard of a well
where healing waters flow

God, am I wrong to ask
that you would comfort me
But I would give anything
to heal my baby

Carry across my little one
tide is high and I row
Seas be kind to my little one
I cannot hold while I row

God, where's the island well
I heard of long ago
Show me the living well
where healing waters flow


Rose, she lifts her arms in the summertime
sending all her love in flowers from the vine
petals fall like fingers hers to mine
and we move for shelter from the heat, inside

And we’re gone too long

Silent through the house we steal away
and my heart is throbbing with so much to say
lay a while we breathe as the sun sets
and illuminates our rose, her arms outstretched

And it grows on
till the frost comes

You and I will never get old
(swear to me, my dear)

Cold the morning comes against the house
Where did summer go — when did she slip out?
Rose is pruned by winter’s gardener
They keep telling me I’ll be fine, but I’m lost without her


I will ever try to find it in your face
oh a love that would hold me
and the promises that you and I have made—
a white lie on my shoulder

You know I have failed for oh so long—
why do I even try to defend myself?

And I tell you that it’s too hard to explain—
just try to control it
but the fire that I told you I would give
is just a pile that smoulders

How can I pretend for oh so long
that I have some good in me without you?
How can I have hid for oh so long
when it feels so good to surrender?


The Lord is my shepherd
I shall not want
he makes me lie down in green pastures
he leads me beside still waters
and he restores my soul
and guides me where I should go

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I will not fear
for you are with me
your rod and your staff they are comforting

You prepare a table before me
though my enemies press in close
oil of anointing you pour over me
and my cup overflows

And goodness and mercy
will follow me all of my days
and I will dwell in your house, oh God,
till time passes away